Ghana Has Too Much Talent And Does Not Need Validation From Outside : Fuse ODG

British singer, songwriter and rapper, Fuse ODG has said that Ghana has so much musical potential that it must seek recognition outside of its borders. 

Speaking in an interview on Joy Prime’s prime morning, he admonished artistes in the music industry to focus, mind their business and continue to invest and push their craft.

“I always say that we shouldn’t be looking outside for validation, Ghana has too much talent to be getting distracted.”

“There are certain conversations that I feel it’s not necessary, we need to just continue working, just keep our heads down and just keep pushing and keep working, that’s what we need to do as an industry,” he said.

Fuse ODG suggested that the Ghana music industry should unite, build trust among themselves that will enable them pave way and enhance their networking skills.

“I’ve also said we need to spend more time together because that’s how we’re able to build trust amongst each other, so then we’re able to share networks”.

“And I’m trying my best for us to also spend time when I’m around as well,” he stated.

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