I’m A Proud Christian P**n Star, God Put Me On Earth To Enjoy S*xual Pleasure : Christian Adult Actress Says

A Christian OnlyFans star who kickstarted her career seven years ago believes God put her on earth to enjoy s*xual pleasure and help “liberate” other women from their s*xual shame.


Courtney Tillia, 35, made the declaration during an interview with the Daily Star, saying: “God’s message has been abundantly clear: I’m here to be a porn star. This is my way of serving.” 

The mom-of-four previously worked as a high school teacher but found that her life ‘’lacked meaning and her spirituality was suffering as a result.''


“Before I left teaching, I felt super disconnected from myself and also God,” the Los Angeles-based bombshell recalled. “I didn’t know what my life’s purpose was or how I was meant to help others.”



Back in 2016, Tilila found the courage to quit the classroom and began an OnlyFans account with the support of her husband, Nick.



The ex-educator admits that she initially felt ashamed of her X-rated escapades before she slowly began to realize that her strict Christian upbringing was the cause of her guilt.


“I had so much sexual shame of my own at first. I remember being at a photoshoot that had several porn stars, and I was so triggered. I could feel the judgments that society and religion had instilled in me and I was very aware of it,” Tillia explained.

“That part of me felt like their sexual choices and expression were wrong and immoral. I even felt wrong by the association in that moment — but that didn’t feel like God telling me to feel that way,” the brunette continued.


“I now reject any teaching or institutions that depicts God as an entity to be feared or to be judged by. God is loving, not fearful; and accepting, not judgmental,” she declared.


“We are not meant to suppress or deny things like our pleasure and sexual expression,” the kinky content creator added. ”Instead, we’re meant to enjoy and embody them fully, as God has intended.”



Tillia told the Daily Star that she helps other repressed women to fully enjoy their bodies, saying sexual pleasure is “unified with God and holy.”



Back in 2021, the adult actress told The Post that she had even started her own “life coaching” business to help other ladies embrace their sultry sides.


“I work with hundreds of women all over America, Australia, Europe and everywhere,” Tillia stated. “I’m helping those clients break through the shame and guilt that’s been imposed upon them for wanting to be free to express their sexiness.”

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