Lady Suffers Maggots Infestation After Getting Butt Enlargement Surgery

In this day and age, most young females fall under youthful and social media pressure to do things that they later regret which cause damaging effects to them and family.

The sense of urgency to become popular by all means among some ladies is unmatched.

Lately, butt enlargements (BBL) have become ‘a normal thing’ and as such millions of women have joined in to shape thier butts to a desired size.

Plastic Surgery, Liposuction, cosmetic surgery, collagen injections, BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), etc are some of the professional terms used to describe the process of going under the knife to enhance one’s body parts.

Over the years, the process has caught on, especially among high-class women worldwide and Ghanaian women have not been left out of the race to look ‘Classy’.

In Ghana, many women in the public space have been accused of undergoing plastic surgery to have their new looks.

Whiles many have denied the allegation, some have boldly confirmed going under the knife for personal reasons.

A lady has suffered maggots infestation after getting butt enlargement surgery, a chilling to that effect has surfaced online.

In the viral video shared, the lady is seen lying on the bed helpless and in pain while maggots come out of her butt.

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