Mayor Filmed Dancing T0pless With His Male M3mber Out In Nightclub | Photos


A Colombian mayor is receiving heat after a wild video emerged of him dancing almost n*ked in a nightclub.

The now-viral footage shows Martín Alfonso Mejía, of the municipality of Calima, whipping off his shirt before gyrating his hips in front of stunned party-goers.


The politician can also be seen standing on a bench and pulling his trousers down to show off his bare backside in front of a group of young women.

The video ends with what appears to be another man attempting to hide Mejía's modesty.


His antics, which occurred during Holy Week in what is a largely Catholic nation, didn’t go down well with many.


Duvalier Sanchez Arango, a member of Colombia’s House of Representatives commented: "The responsibility that politicians have obliged us to show exemplary behaviour in public.


"Concerning the inappropriate acts of Mayor Martín Mejía of Calima in Valle, we are calling for a disciplinary investigation by the Attorney General’s Office and the Green Party."


Mejía has since blamed his actions on being drugged at the nightclub, something the venue's boss has vehemently shut down.


It's not the first time Mejía's partying has been the subject of controversy.


Six months ago he appeared to be intoxicated at a festival, where he took to the stage to inform revellers that he was corrupt.

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