Nicolas Cage Recalls Eating Live Cockroaches For Cult Classic 'Vampire's Kiss'

59-year-old Nicolas Cage has recalled how he ate live cockroaches while filming a scene for his 1988 cult movie “Vampire's Kiss”. 


Cage revealed this when he and his Renfield costar Nicholas Hoult spoke with Yahoo! Entertainment about their new vampire horror-comedy. 

"Oh yeah, I ate it twice, because the director did it just to prank me," Cage told 33-year-old Hoult about the experience, after he was asked whether he gave his costar advice on eating bugs in Renfield. "I'm not one to give advice, but [Hoult] ate a potato bug so he took it to another level," he said, to which Hoult replied: “The cockroach is worse than a potato bug I think… the cockroaches I got to eat in this were caramel.”


"Oh, but he ate a real potato bug, which is terrifying to me. And so I ate cockroaches. I'll never do that again. I'm sorry I did it at all," he said, laughing.


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