Water And Sex: Lionel Richie Reveals Secrets Of His Youthful Looks

Renowned American singer, songwriter, record producer and TV personality, Lionel Richie has talked about his personal keys to sustaining a youthful appearance over the course of several decades.

Lionel’s age-defying looks became a topic of discussion following his recent performance.

The revered 73-year-old singer expressed his perspective on plastic surgery, noting that undergoing such procedures binds individuals to a specific appearance during the recovery period.

“Plastic surgery locks you in for that year, and afterwards, it becomes challenging to revert back to a natural state. Resetting to your original state becomes difficult, if not impossible,” he said, adding that he also wants to ensure that when he meets God, He recognizes him for who he truly is.

Richie said his methods are grounded in tradition and simplicity: ample sleep, hydration and sex.

“Water, sleep and perspiration, while avoiding excessive consumption of red meat. Sex works too, and it’s good for the heart,” he further explained.

The world over, celebrities endure immense pressure and are constantly subjected to scrutiny regarding their attire and appearance.

Kenyans on social media responded to Richie’s revelation with varied views.

“Let’s wait for Kenyans to start unnecessary speculations and gossip,” FahsionIconstan commented.

“I can handle water and sleep, but when it comes to sex, I don’t get enough of that,” said Gabu254.

“Have you not noticed how his face actually looks? Botox and fillers come to the rescue, and then we’re deceived,” Oriaro_j said.

“Don’t forget money,” Lizkigo commented.

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