Black Sherif Drops More Illuminati Signs As He Confuses Fans Over His Involvement In The Cult

Black Sherif has caused yet another stir following the display of Baphomet as a backdrop during his show in New York.

It became a piece of wild news when during Blacko’s show in New York weeks projected the sign of Baphomet while performing on stage.

The VGMA Artiste of the Year gave fans a peep into his spiritual inclinations right one stage Live.

The “Baphomet” sign has been used by many musicians in their songs or videos.

Black Sherif’s projection of Baphomet as a backdrop during his show in New York could indicate that he was trying to appeal to the different people who were present or had joined.

Well, it seems Blacko is getting his fans more confused by asking questions. Blacko has released photos with hand gestures purported to be satanic signs.

The musician held his two hands in the air with his index finger and little finger pointed. He held a cigar in one hand and hard liquor in the other.

The photos were taken from his Afronation Concert in Miami.

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