Diddy Sues Diageo For Alleged Racist Neglect Of His Tequila Brand

Music executive, Diddy has filed a lawsuit against Diageo, the UK-based booze behemoth.

Diddy's LLC, Combs Wine and Spirits filed a lawsuit claiming the singer has been in a partnership with Diageo to lead all marketing and innovation. Diddy says, after he sparked booming sales for Ciroc, the companies decided to go in together on DeLeon Tequila.

They however turned their back on both him and DeLeon, to the point of stifling its growth and more importantly, his bottom line.

He also claimed that Diageo has refused to properly market/invest in DeLeon, while going on to give most of its attention and resources to its other tequila lines like Don Julio or Casamigos. Diddy believes this is racist.

The businessman also alleged that Diageo's neglect has risen to startling levels of ensuring that his tequila has repeatedly been out of stock at retailers across the country, including huge markets in states like California and New York.

He said he suspects the reason for this is due to the color of his skin, adding that "Diageo has typecasted Ciroc and DeLeon, apparently deciding they are 'Black brands' that should be targeted only to 'urban' consumers."

The music executive further alleged that he's been told by a Diageo exec that he might be getting the support he's wanted if he was Martha Stewart, again, suggesting they didn't view him as anything more than a megaphone for one specific community.

Diddy says he's been on his own trying to get DeLeon Tequila off the ground, and now Diageo should have to pay up for failing to live up to its contractual obligations to support his brands. 

He is asking the Court to order his company gets the same treatment as Diageo's other brands. He also said he intends to seek billions in damages for Diageo's alleged misconduct in a separate lawsuit.

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