Elon Musk Accepts Offer From UFC Legend Georges St Pierre To Coach Him For Mark Zuckerberg Fight

Elon Musk has accepted an offer from UFC legend Georges St Pierre ahead of his blockbuster fight with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.


St Pierre reached out to Musk on June 24, saying: 'I'm a huge fan of yours and it would be an absolute honor to help you and be your training partner for the challenge against Zuckerberg.'


The 51-year-old Musk has now finally replied three days later, saying: 'Ok, let's do it' and following up with two fire emojis.


St Pierre is a former welterweight and middleweight UFC champion, one of the finest MMA fighters to enter the octagon.


UFC's chief Dana White has offered to promote the fight between the two tech bosses.

'Talked with Mark and Elon... both guys are absolutely dead serious about this,' White said to TMZ last week, before claiming it could be the most-watched fight in history.

'The biggest fight of all time was Floyd (Mayweather) and Conor (McGregor), I just think it triples that,' he said. 'It triples what that did, there's no limit on what that thing can make.'


White suggested the fight could happen in Las Vegas and that pay-per-view would come in at $100 - $20 more than what is usually charged for his UFC events.


Musk, 51, offered up the match last week after commenting under a post about Zuckerberg's newest suspected project, which will reportedly be called Threads and rival Twitter.


Zuckerberg, 39, replied on his Instagram story, sharing a screenshot of Musk's challenge, writing: 'Send me location.' 

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