Kwabena Vandyke Features Tatho In New Single 'Onfa Me Ho' | Listen

 Ghanaian musician Kwabena Vandyke has released a new highlife single titled ‘Onfa Me Ho’. The song, which features rapper Tatho, speaks to the theme of ignoring negative energy and not allowing it to affect one’s life.

In ‘Onfa Me Ho’, Vandyke addresses the topic of haters, who often talk about him without any real basis, and he further affirms that their opinions are not his concern. The song is a perfect example of how music can inspire people to live their lives freely and not allow negative opinions to bring them down.

Vandyke’s soothing vocals and clever lyrics in ‘Onfa Me Ho’ are sure to resonate with many people who have faced similar situations in their lives. ‘Onfa Me Ho’ is available on all major streaming platforms.


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