Singer Shakira Takes Another Swipe At Her Cheating Ex Gerard Pique As He's Set To Get Engaged To His Girlfriend

Shakira has taken another dig at her ex-partner Gerard Pique, 35, in a preview of her new song 'Empty Cup' as the former footballer is set to get engaged to his girlfriend.

The hitmaker, 45, took to Instagram to share a six-second clip from the new track, with fans quickly noticing it referenced her split from the footballer.

Shakira is set to release the new song, which she produced with Manuel Turizo, on June 29.

In the song, she sings: 'You are always busy with so much business. It would be nice, my love, a little leisure.

'Relax here on the sofa and give me your attention. The phone rings, use your hand with me I know you're hot , but I'm much hotter.'

The Colombian superstar announced her separation from Pique last May after spending 11 years together.

According to ShowNews Today, Shakira knew that Gerard and their children didn't like strawberry jam, and so she sussed that someone else had been staying at their home when she found the jar.

Shakira returned home from a period of travelling when she noticed the jam in her fridge had been eaten, and she knew the rest of her family disliked it.

The new diss comes after it was reported that the former Spanish footballer is preparing to engage his new girlfriend, Clara Chia.

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