US-based Entrepreneur, Anita Brown, Who Is Claiming She Is Expecting A Child With Davido Shares A Purported DM The Singer Sent To Her Saying They Had R@w S3x


Anita Brown, a US-based entrepreneur who claims she is having a child with musician Davido, revealed a direct message he reportedly sent her suggesting they had r@w s3x.

In the claimed DM, the singer told Anita that he has had other females who have actually looked out for him and "handled stuff like this" because they are aware of his present circumstances. The DM depicts the claimed singer telling Anita that she came into his life to stress him out while she is meant to be helping him get back on his feet.

Anita stated that based on the communications given by "David," it is evident that many women have become pregnant for him since 2022 but have had their infants aborted.

See the screenshots below…


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