Dashy Music Drops Video For His Trending Song 'Broken Heart' Featuring King Paluta

Ghanaian singer, Dashy Music, has released a new music video for his trending song ‘Broken Heart’ which features Ghanaian rapper, King Paluta.

The single gives an insight into the heartbreak and disappointment that comes when one is left by a loved one. Dashy Music’s sweet vocals merge perfectly with King Paluta’s smooth rap verses, creating an impressive and melodious sound.

The video for ‘Broken Heart’ is directed by Cobby Blacc and features stunning visuals which complement the song’s theme. The video depicts a story of two lovers who are going through a tough patch in their relationship, with both parties trying to mend their broken hearts.

Dashy Music is known for fusing Afrobeat and highlife sounds to create unique and catchy music, and ‘Broken Heart’ is no exception. The song has been receiving positive reviews since its release, with fans praising the artist for his exceptional vocals and emotional delivery.

King Paluta, who is featured on the track also brings his A-game to the table, complementing Dashy Music’s style and ensuring that the song is a hit.

The video for ‘Broken Heart’ is already gaining traction on social media platforms, with fans sharing positive comments about the song and its visuals. Dashy Music’s management is optimistic that the video will continue to gain more views in the coming weeks.

‘Broken Heart’ is a well-crafted music video that showcases Dashy Music and King Paluta’s exceptional talents. With its catchy beat and emotional lyrics, the song is destined to become a fan favourite and cement Dashy Music’s position as one of Ghana’s rising stars in the music industry. 

Check out the video below.

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