Davido: ‘I Feel No Shame About My Past’ : Anita Brown Reacts To ‘Porn Star’ Claims


Anita Brown, a US-based lady who was supposedly impregnated by Davido, has responded to rumors that she is a porn star.

In a series of tweets, the American claimed that claims saying she was a porn actress were false and that the videos being distributed on social media were of her and her ex-boyfriend.

As a Christian, she believes it is unacceptable for individuals to shame others' history.

“Let one without sin cast the first stone People are allowed to grow. People are allowed to change,” she wrote.

“I love who I was & I also love who I’m becoming & where I’m at so far. The things I’ve done in the past and the things I’ve been through gave me a lot of authority and testimony. I feel no shame about my past. I am the light.

“If you are a believer. You wouldn’t be shaming someone’s past. That is the whole purpose of Christianity. The whole purpose of the New Testament. Redemption, salvation, faith. Pain into purpose.

“Life has changed. Even baby daddy said it. That’s what life is about elevation. It wouldn’t have as much power. If I was one way my entire life.

“For whoever said celebrities don’t sleep with porn stars… babe, Drakes baby mother is a porn star & they get along great actually and he loves his son. (Sidebar; has nothing to do with me just an example) so hush.

“Don’t ever play with my name talking porn star. NOT TRUE. Any video y’all will ever see of me was prolly with my ex from years ago. Oh well. Get over it! Nextttttttt!

“It’s nothing that can be said that i can’t own! I don’t owe y’all anything, because y’all are not God.”

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