Pappy Kojo Demands Apology From UTV United Showbiz To Feli Nuna

Pappy Kojo, Ghanaian rapper, has demanded that media conglomerate UTV apologise to fellow female rapper Feli Nuna.

Feli Nuna was involved in a heated argument with veteran musician/politician Kwame A-Plus during their United Showbiz segment on May 22, 2023.

According to the veteran musician who claims to be a politician, he questioned Feli Nuna's boyfriend's relevance if he couldn't fund her music career and had to rely on outside investors.

This was due to the talented singer's insistence that her lover has nothing to do with her music career.

Kwame A Plus couldn't understand why the singer wants investors for her music business but believes her lover cannot be one of them.

To take a clearer note; "They stated that if this is the case, it is preferable for a manager to sleep with a female artist, and if the female artist refuses to allow the manager to sleep with her, she should let her boyfriend who sleeps with her rather invest in her craft or career".

Feli Nuna, on the other hand, thought A Plus's submissions made no sense because her lover has nothing to do with her professional life.

Other guests on the show agreed that A Plus' submission was correct because if a man claims to love you, your professional development should always come first.

However, in a recent interview on UTV's Showbiz United, rapper Pappy Kojo called on those who abused Feli Nuna on air to apologise to her on a national scale. 

Watch the video below.

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