DJ Azonto Threatens to Leave Ghana For Nigeria If Ghana Music Awards UK Cheats Him Like Charter House

Ghana's Amapiano king, DJ Azonto has recently made a bold statement that he will leave his home country and relocate to Nigeria if he is cheated by the organizers of the Ghana Music Awards UK, just like he was cheated by Charter House, organizers of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

DJ Azonto's hit song "Fa No Fom" has been nominated in four categories at this year's GMA UK. These categories include Most Popular Song Of The Year, New Artist Of The Year, Hiplife/Hip Pop Song Of The Year, and Hiplife/Hip Pop Artist Of The Year. 

However, the artist feels that he has been unfairly treated in the past and fears history may repeat itself.

Reflecting on the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, DJ Azonto believes that he was cheated by the organizers when his song "Fa No Fom" was not nominated. 

Despite this disappointment, he claims to have personally purchased airtime and voted for himself in the Best New Artist Of The Year category. 

To his dismay, the award was ultimately given to the sensational singer Lasmid who he thinks doesn't even know the short code to vote for himself. 

You see how I invest in my awards nominations, I love competition but cheating is not allowed in the game. I personally bought Vodafone SIM cards and made the street vote, in public transports and stadiums, yet they awarded Lasmid who doesn't even know the short code to vote for himself, that sort of cheating is not healthy. DJ Azonto stated

This perceived injustice has left DJ Azonto frustrated and skeptical of the fairness of music awards.

As a result, he has decided to take a firm stance and make it known that he will not tolerate being cheated again. 

His threat to leave Ghana and relocate to Nigeria serves as a message to the organizers of the Ghana Music Awards UK, urging them to treat him fairly and transparently.

It is important to note that music awards play a significant role in the recognition and success of artists. 

Winning awards not only boosts an artist's credibility but also opens doors to new opportunities within the music industry. Thus, any form of bias or cheating can have a detrimental impact on an artist's career.

In recent years, the Ghanaian music industry has witnessed a rise in the popularity of Amapiano music, with DJ Azonto at the forefront of this movement. 

As the Ghana Music Awards UK approaches, all eyes will be on DJ Azonto and the organizers to see if history will repeat itself or if the artist's concerns will be addressed. 

He is currently promoting his groundbreaking single featuring his wife Mrs Diana Arthur, popularly known as Anita Gucci, along with an iPhone 15 dance challenge to fans for the song titled "Anita".

DJ Azonto has again been nominated in other international award shows including Ghana Music Awards USA, Ghana Music Awards Europe and Global Music Awards South Africa.

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