Skit Maker Jeffery Nortey Battles Menstrual Health In New Skit

Renowned Ghanaian skit maker Jeffery Nortey has set his eyes on a new battle as he combats the menstrual cycle in his new skit. 

Mantse as he is called in the skit, goes one on one with menstrual cycle as he seeks to understand why he cannot have sexual relations with his wife due to her monthly flow.


This leads to a crash course on the benefits of a healthy monthly flow and why it is important men understand their women during that period. 

The skit is meant to throw more light on how women brave the odds and through the pain every month because of their menstruation. 

It also seeks to have men understand and support women through this hurdle. 


Menstruation is the monthly shedding of the lining of your uterus. Depending on the person shedding can last between 3-7 days.

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