Amelli Swears To Shift Fashion Culture With AMBtrends Clothing

Amelli, Ghanaian artist and CEO of AMBtrends, has vowed to put the fashion business on the map. 

Despite the fact that fashion is a key way of life in Ghana, the fashion Guru has made it a priority to make fashion more appealing by introducing new mechanisms through his AMBtrends Clothing Line —- The Be Wise Collection comes in the official brand colors which are; Deep Pink, Deep Gray and Deep Black.

The Company's goal with this collection is to raise awareness among young people about the importance of wisdom, since the cosmos reveals its secrets to the wise. 

This is one way they are utilising to teach the youth the value of knowledge so that they can begin refining their minds by learning to be intelligent every day, because the wise are the ones who make a difference in the world.

The AMBtrends logo the Serpent was designed by Joshua Amelli Agbenu the founder and CEO of AMBtrends. But why the serpent?

The entire premise is that the snake will go to many areas both inside and outside of this globe, and the same is true for our brand. "The snake will go a long way."

People will like the brand for no reason; some will appreciate it because of its cryptic logo, while others will comment, "You can't ignore them because they are just everywhere at any time."

They also embraced some of the serpent's positive attributes and used them as the Brand's fundamental principles. 

These characteristics are as follows:

- Clever (wise and smart on choices)

-  Adaptation (Ready to fit into every environment)

-  Popular (Everywhere in different forms)

-  Art (Coils and forms great Art works)

-  Mystery (Hated but Necessary

-  Dangerous (be their friend not the other way round) 

- Persuasive (ability to get what they want at all cost)

About AMB

AMB is an initials from AMellionBoiz, Amellionboiz was a high school clique of three boys (Amelli, Kojo Williams and Chance) in 23 November, 2015.

They agreed to come together to build something bigger than ourselves being in Chemu Senior High school, Tema in the year 2016.

Fast forward they grew to seven strong members (Alo Benito, Syfa, Geomet & Taaget) and they started accomplishing projects. Accomplishing projects for them was identifying problems in the school and finding ways to be the solution to the said problem.

About AMBtrends 

AMBtrends is an international Organization who sees to inspire, motivate and entertain others to appreciate the world around them.

Growing up as a male youth, they noticed most of their mates do not see things on his perspective and are getting simple instructions wrong whiles the guidelines to these things they are getting wrong have been fully given. These was leading most of his friends into bad habits like not showing up enthused, not interested and sometimes not showing up at all.

Others who stopped coming around, join other friends and started BAD HABITS like Smoking and doing shady errands to quick money just to mention a few.

These Habits will never lead them into the better future they all need as history has it that most youth showing habits as such end up being the troublemakers in the community, he noted this and needed to find a solution to it as the problem among the youth is escalating very quickly.

They formed a mastermind alliance of three and created AMBtrends; a platform that can Educate, Inspire and Motivate the youth whiles keeping them entertained - Because the youths are mostly attracted by entertainment.

They included the entertainment to attract them from one side and show them there’s more to life than their initial Habits. They do this subconsciously and wait for results to manifest which did manifest as quickly like magic for first trial.

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