Antony's Ex-Girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin Claims Man Utd Star Threatened To Kill Her As She Reveals Shocking Abuse Allegations

Manchester United winger Antony has been accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend while pregnant, headbutting her and cutting her hand to the bone.

In interview with Brazilian website UOL published on Monday - which includes photographs and screenshots of messages - influencer and DJ Gabriela Cavallin claimed that the United and Brazil player had attacked her on various occasions between June 2022 and May 2023. In the last such instance, she said the footballer threw a glass at her, and in trying to defend herself she cut her finger to the bone.

Cavallin told UOL she was first attacked by Antony on June 1 2022, while she was pregnant and on holiday in Brazil. She claimed Antony put her in a car, attacked her and threatened to throw her from the moving vehicle at speed.

"He said that if I didn't stay with him, I wouldn't stay with anyone. I told him that I was pregnant, that he was scaring me, making my heart race. I was shaking with fear," Cavallin told UOL, adding that she went to hospital the next day. She lost the baby after roughly 16 weeks of pregnancy, according to the report.

The UOL report also gave details of an incident on January 15, 2023. The website said she told a court that Antony had headbutted her and punched her, dislocating a breast implant.

"I don't remember exactly who the fight was about, but it was someone I had been with years ago. He punched me in the chest and my silicone turned over," Cavallin said. "And then I came to Brazil for surgery. I had to change the prosthesis. He said 'I didn't mean to hurt you, it was accidental, it wasn't a punch, I just pushed you, I just held you against the wall”.

According to UOL, Cavallin received treatment from a doctor in a room at the Hyatt hotel in Manchester on the same day.

Describing the last incident on May 8, which led to her finger being cut, Cavallin said: "I knew I had to leave, but I couldn't. I liked him a lot. I had a lot of hope. I was very attached to the beginning of our relationship, to the things he was to me in the beginning. On that last day [May 8 2023], it was very serious. I was really scared that I wouldn't be able to get out of the house.

"Antony locked the door of the house and wouldn't let me leave, and I had my finger open, all hurt. He broke my things, took my passport."

Cavallin filed a police complaint against Antony in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in June 2023. According to the UOL report, she has also filed a complaint against the player to Greater Manchester Police. GOAL has contacted GMP for comment. United declined to comment on the new accusations, only referring to Antony's previous denial in June.

Antony released a statement in late June denying the accusations made against him. "After submitting my statement at the police station where investigation involving my name is being conducted, I wanted to speak for the first time since I was falsely accused of assault," he wrote on Instagram.

“I stayed silent until the moment so that nothing could interfere with the investigation process, but during all those days my family and I suffered in silence. Despite being born and raised in a very needy community, I had never been through a situation similar to this, in which a false assault charge resulted in a preliminary and unfair public judgement on the part of some.

“After the closure of the investigation my innocence will be proven. [I am] certain that justice will prevail and the damage initially caused to my image will be in the past. Thank you to the countless messages of support at this very difficult time.”

Antony, who joined United from Ajax for £85 million in August 2022, played for the Red Devils in Sunday's 3-1 defeat to Arsenal. He has been selected in the Brazil squad for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Bolivia and Peru.

Last month, United decided to part ways with striker Mason Greenwood, 18 months after he was arrested in relation to audio and images released on social media of an alleged sexual attack. In October 2022 the striker was charged with attempted rape, controlling and coercive behaviour and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Greenwood denied all the charges and in February 2023 all charges against him were dropped. The 21-year-old joined La Liga side Getafe on loan on Friday.

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