Court Adjourns Cruise People Limited, Black Sherif Case To November 16


The Cruise People Limited and Black Sherif case has been delayed to November 16, 2023 by the Adenta High Court.

Both sides have been ordered by the court to submit their legal arguments by November 2, 2023.

The main point of contention is jurisdiction. Black Sherif claims that the contract identifies the United Kingdom as the proper legal forum, whilst Cruise People Limited claims that the Adenta High Court has jurisdiction because both parties are Ghanaian corporations operating within Ghana.

To put things in context, Cruise People Limited had hired Black Sherif's management for a performance at their upcoming musical cruise event, "Afro Cruise Jam," on August 19, 2023, in Greece. The corporation sent an initial payment of $20,000 to Black Sherif in anticipation of the event's success, expecting video confirmation of his participation. However, Black Sherif failed to provide the promised film, resulting in cabin cancellations on the cruise liner and a revised media encounter arrangement.

Following unsuccessful attempts at an amicable resolution, Cruise People Limited filed a lawsuit against Black Sherif, citing breach of contract.

The court's judgement on jurisdiction will determine whether the matter proceeds to trial or is dismissed. The legal arguments that both parties must present by November 2, 2023, will be critical in shaping the case's destiny.

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