Crowd Goes Wild At 2023 TurnOnDeck With DJ Toyor | PHOTOS

On Saturday, the heart of Accra pulsated with thrilling sounds as "Turn on Deck," the year's biggest DJ rave, took over Apokalypes inside Untamed Empire. The concert, which was headlined by the amazing DJ Toyor, was a mesmerising spectacle that left the audience in amazement.

The space was a hive of activity, with a high level of patronage that transformed the night into a sound funfair. DJs such as DJ Black, DJ Vyrusky, Gal Dem DJ, and the master himself, DJ Toyor, took turns behind the decks, spinning tracks that kept the crazy crowd on their feet.

The night, however, was more than just the DJs; it was a star-studded affair with live musical acts that brought an extra layer of glamour to the ambiance. Kuami Eugene, Sista Afia, Mr Drew, and the renowned TIC performed spectacular concerts that had the audience singing and dancing along.

The air was charged with an addictive blend of beats, melodies, and pure excitement, making for an amazing experience for everyone in attendance. "Turn on Deck" was more than just a rave; it was a sonic voyage that brought together music fans and showed Ghana's amazing potential in the entertainment sector.

As the night's recollections linger, captured moments in images illustrate the pure joy that transpired within the walls of Apokalypes. The "Turn on Deck" rave was more than just a party; it was a monument to music's ability to bring people together for a night of pure joy and celebration.

Watch a recording and enjoy some exclusive images from the event below. 

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