Ghana Cinema: In Our Hearts Premieres On October 26, 2023

Ghanaian Filmmaker, Kwame Addae in collaborations with YA’se Otutu Pictures, Timeline Creative Studio, Timestamp Pictures and Aberempon Films are set to premiere their debut project titled “In Our Hearts” on Thursday, October 26, 2023 at the YMCA Campus, Adabraka, Greater Accra, Ghana, at 6:00pm and its FREE and open to public to attend.

Watch Official Trailer below: 

“In Our Hearts” is an experimental drama about an early 20-year-old Young Woman, who has to be given final rights by a Priest. In the process, the Young Woman enquires if accepting his rites would take her to her lost parents, to which the Priestresponded negatively due to their beliefs. This makes the Young Woman reject the Priest’s final rites. This follows a struggle journey between the Priest and the Young Woman as she helps him understand her African belief system to which he was cynical about. His opinion about the barbarity and superstitious nature of her beliefs are countered by her explanations on how their belief system helps her people connect to nature through their belief in mother nature and teaches them love for the environment and the people of the world.

This film is set to begin a conversation around Ghanaian cinema and its portrayal of Ghanaian culture. It is aimed at reclaiming the narrative of African culture from the perspective of African filmmakers. 

“Film is a powerful tool that has been used to positively and negatively impact the world. There are a lot of misconceptions and prejudices against the African continent from outsiders because we have been unable to document our stories and history. It is about time that we take our future into our own hands and begin to tell our own stories from our own lenses. Hopefully, in the next decade, we shall have a new wave of Ghanaian filmmakers impacting the industry and the world at large to drive the development of the country and continent.” – Kwame Addae (Writer & Director)


The preliminary development stage of “In Our Hearts” started in 2020 by Kwame Addae and it is now a creative audiovisual piece by a group of young Ghanaian filmmakers to impact the growing film industry, while projecting the image and culture of the country in a manner that is positive, contrary to contemporary portrayals. As the Ghanaian film industry faces the challenges of investment, some filmmakers allude those constant collaborations is the key to showcasing the talents of Ghanaian filmmakers to the world until the much-needed spotlight is shown on the industry. 

Therefore, In Our Hearts seeks to present a unique perspective on storytelling and cinematic techniques. This is the director’s major directorial work and it serves to pave the way for subsequent works that will impact the African film industry. 


The first screening of “In Our Hearts” written and directed by Kwame Addae will happen on Thursday, October 26, 2023 at the YMCA Campus, Adabraka, Greater Accra, Ghana, at 6:00pm and attendance is FREE.


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