Yeaboi Set To Release New Song 'Ungrateful' Featuring Kurl Songx

Ghana’s vibrant music scene is about to get even hotter as the talented Ghanaian afrobeat artist, Yeaboi, prepares to drop his latest track, “Ungrateful,” featuring the soulful vocals of singer Kurl Songx. This highly anticipated song promises to be a chart-topper, boasting production credits by the renowned Tubhanimuzik.

In the world of Afrobeat, Yeaboi has become a household name, known for his catchy melodies and rhythmic beats that never fail to get people on their feet. With “Ungrateful,” he’s set to take his musical journey to the next level, and he’s bringing Kurl Songx along for the ride.

Kurl Songx is no stranger to delivering captivating performances with his silky voice and soulful lyrics. His collaboration with Yeaboi in “Ungrateful” is a fusion of two musical powerhouses that is sure to leave fans eager for more.

Behind the scenes, Tubhanimuzik, a celebrated producer known for crafting hits across various genres, has worked his magic on the track. His production skills have given “Ungrateful” a unique sound that blends tradition with modernity, creating a musical masterpiece that appeals to both the old and the new.

As we eagerly await the release of “Ungrateful,” we can’t help but anticipate the magic these artists have created together. With the combined talent of Yeaboi, Kurl Songx, and Tubhanimuzik, this Afrobeat sensation is bound to be the anthem of the season. Stay tuned for the release of “Ungrateful,” and get ready to groove to its infectious rhythm!

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