Gyekebea Travel Agency Officially Launched

Gyekebea Travel Agency, a travel and tour agency established in the United States, has declared its arrival in Ghana. 

The travel agency, which can be a private retailer or a government service, provides travel and tourism-related services to the general public on behalf of lodging or travel suppliers, which offer various types of travel packages for each destination.

Gyekebea Travel Agency ensures that clients enjoy the best travel experiences on a budget while also ensuring their comfort. 

Aside from its travel power, it also offers major benefits such as; 

- Visitor Visa

- Students Visa

- Business Visa

- Tourist Visa

- Family Visa

- Visa Renewal 

- Appeals

- Passport 

- Birth Certificate 

- Business Certificate 

- Yellow Fever Card

- Covid Card

- Ghana Card Marriage Certificate 

- Flight Tickets 

- Work Permit

- Healthcare Jobs

- Administrative Jobs 

- Work And Study 

- Tour Guide 

- Hotel Reservations 

- Airport Pickup/Chauffeur 

- Documentation 

- Immigration Matters

- Visa Asquisition

Contact: +233 24 680 4372

+233 24 438 6566

+233 53 440 0410

+233 24 203 9215


Facebook/Instagram: Gyekebeatravels

TikTok: gyekebea.travels

Twitter: gyekebea.travels

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