Listen: Ogee Strongman Feat Necry Lax – Survivor (Prod By Neulbeat)

Ogee Strongman, the dynamic musician known for his eclectic sound, has just dropped a captivating new track titled ‘Survivor,’ featuring the soulful vocals of Necry Lax. 

This musical collaboration is a harmonious blend of Ogee Strongman’s distinct style and Lax’s emotive delivery, creating a sonic experience that resonates with resilience and triumph. 

The production prowess behind ‘Survivor’ is credited to the talented Neulbeat, whose skillful touch adds layers of depth to the composition. As the song unfolds, listeners are taken on a journey of survival and empowerment, with Ogee Strongman and Necry Lax’s synergy shining through every note. 

‘Survivor’ stands as a testament to the artists’ collective creativity and the seamless fusion of their musical talents. Check out the song below. 


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