A22 Releases European Super League Proposal After EU Court Verdict

Sports development company A22, which was formed to assist with creating the soccer European Super League, proposed a new competition on Thursday with 64 men's and 32 women's teams playing midweek matches in a league system across Europe.

The proposal was announced soon after the European Court of Justice said soccer ruling bodies UEFA and FIFA had contravened EU law by preventing the formation of a Super League.

"This vision is based on extensive consultation with a wide range of football stakeholders across Europe and built on our core principles including participation based on sporting merit (and) no permanent members," A22 said in a statement.

"Participating clubs stay in their domestic leagues which remain the foundation of European football.

"Now that clubs can determine their own future at European level, we look forward to further engagement with a broad set of football stakeholders to achieve the objective of all great sporting competitions."

A22 also proposed free viewing of all live matches in a league governed by the participating clubs rather than a body like UEFA.

The Super League competition would threaten UEFA's major club competitions, including its flagship Champions League.

The proposed format for the men's competition includes 64 teams in three leagues -- Star, Gold and Blue. The Star and Gold Leagues will have 16 clubs each while the Blue League has 32 clubs.

Teams will play home and away in groups of eight, which would mean a minimum of 14 matches a year. There will be annual promotion and relegation between leagues while teams can qualify for the Blue League based on domestic league performance.

The women's competition would have two leagues of 16 clubs each.

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