Bishop T.D Jakes Gets Emotional While Reacting To Rumour Of His Relationship With Diddy And Allegation Of Sleeping With Men


Bishop T.D Jakes, a popular Texas evangelist, became emotional while explaining his relationship with Diddy and the allegation of sleeping with guys. 

T.D. Jakes has been trending online after rumors of a relationship with struggling music producer Diddy surfaced. Jakes' name circulated on the online rumor mill, with social media users saying the preacher attended Diddy-hosted sex parties, calling his sexuality into doubt.

During his Christmas service, the preacher addressed the scandalous Diddy-related TikTok rumors about himself, noting that several people came in expressly to hear what he had to say about the buzz. He promptly stated that he would not.

He stated; 

"All of you who are expecting me to address a lie, please log out." When I have the opportunity to preach the truth, I will not utilize this hallowed day and this sacred pulpit to address a lie. I shall stand up straight, head up, back straight, and preach God's pure, infallible truth."

He'd already disputed the accusation through a public relations representative, who labeled the rumors "unequivocally false and baseless."

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