Google Releases Its Top Sex Questions Of 2023


Google has released its "Year in Search," a compilation of the top global queries in 2023.

The search engine revealed the top sex questions asked in 2023, and the results may surprise you.

"What is the speed bump position?" was the most googled sex question in 2023.

The term gained popularity after a contestant on "Love Island" used it on the show.

A pillow is placed under a person's hips while they lie face down, earning the nickname "speed bump."

The second-most-searched inquiry came from those who wanted to know if it was safe to have sex while pregnant.

"If your pregnancy is going well, having sex and orgasm while pregnant is safe," according to the Australian parenting website Raising Children.

"You may be concerned that sex will harm the baby. However, your kid is securely protected and sealed off in the amniotic sac, so having intercourse will not harm your baby."

Searches for the definition of "sex positivity" came in third, with people wondering why they might be bleeding after sex coming in fourth.

Light spotting after having sex on occasion, according to doctors, is usually the result of skin irritation or vaginal dryness.

Others wanted to know how many dates they should go on before having sex, while fitness enthusiasts wanted to know how many calories they burned during intercourse.

One of the most often asked inquiries had nothing to do with their own sex experiences or their bodies.

How can fish have sex is ranked tenth.


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