Lumi Khian Drops New Song Titled ” I’m Sorry” | LISTEN

Lumi Khian, formerly known as Lumi Kid, has released his first song under his new name. The song, titled “I’m Sorry”, is a lovers rock song produced by Kin Dee. In the song, Lumi Khian apologizes to his girlfriend for hurting her feelings and asks for forgiveness.

Lumi Khian is a Ghanaian musician who has been active in the music industry for several years. He was previously known as Lumi Kid and has released several songs under that name. Lumi Khian recently changed his name to reflect his growth as an artist and his desire to create more mature music.

“I’m Sorry” is a heartfelt song that showcases Lumi Khian’s vocal range and songwriting skills. The song is characterized by its smooth reggae beat and soulful lyrics. In the song, Lumi Khian expresses his regret for hurting his girlfriend and asks for her forgiveness. The song is relatable and speaks to the universal experience of making mistakes in relationships.

“I’m Sorry” is a great addition to Lumi Khian’s discography. The song is well-produced and showcases Lumi Khian’s growth as an artist. The song’s theme of forgiveness and redemption is one that many people can relate to. We look forward to hearing more great music from Lumi Khian in the future. Check out the song below


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