Comedian Natasha Leggero Exposes B00bs During Los Angeles Performance | WATCH

Natasha Leggero's comedic routine at the Hollywood Improv evolved into a naked strip tease last week, when she tore her clothes and displayed her knockers in front of a packed house. 

Natasha took the stage at the Improv on Wednesday night after Bert Kreischer wowed the crowd with his first performance of the night, which featured taking off his shirt and cracking jokes naked from the waist up. The audience thoroughly enjoyed Bert's performance.

Leggero came up with the notion of mimicking Bert's bare-chested routine because he was such a difficult act to follow. She said, "If the boys can do it, why can't the girls?" 

It was learned that Leggero kept her plan a secret because she wanted to follow her instincts and didn't want anyone to try to talk her out of it.

She took off her jacket, then the straps to her overalls, and last her shirt, displaying her bare breasts. After the audience went crazy, she wore her jacket to cover her boobs before her performance. 

Watch the video below.

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