Father Of Sadio Mane's 18-Year-Old Bride Reveals Couple Had A Traditional Arranged Marriage And Had Not Dated Before Tying The Knot

Sadio Mane's 18-year-old bride's father has stated that she married the footballer in a conventional arranged marriage and that they did not date before the wedding.

On January 7, the former Liverpool player married Aisha Tamba in an Islamic wedding in Keur Massar, a suburb of Dakar, the capital city. 

The wedding was held in Aisha's home and was attended by family and close friends. 
Her father, Amadou Tamba, said that his daughter is 18 years old, and that Mane, 31, first saw her'more than two years ago' while visiting his family with her mother.

Mr Tamba stated, "My wife and Aisha visited their (Mane's) family one day, and this is where he met her for the first time."

'He probably saw something special in her, and his parents liked her as well. They came to visit me. We talked as per custom, agreed on everything, and waited for this day to come.'
He continued, 'They were not dating because Aisha was still young.'
Mr. Tamba acknowledged to local media that she is 18. The first time Mane saw her was more than two years ago.

According to local sources, the marriage was decided upon while she was still in school, with both families deciding to wait until she was 18 to complete her studies. Mane has reportedly paid for her education.

Mr Tamba stated, "With the values and everything she heard about him, she accepted voluntarily." However, as parents, we encouraged and advised her to make her own decisions. God did what is best for her.
According to family friends, Mane's uncle, who is close to Mr Tamba, acted as a go-between for an imam who came to make a formal marriage proposal on the footballer's behalf.

Mr Tamba, a rich contractor in the construction industry, claimed that he had collaborated closely with Mane and his family on a variety of projects since 2013. 
He also stated that he had grown close to the multimillionaire footballer and admired his ideals, which affected his decision to marry.
He said, "I knew Sadio and his family were very good and humble people." Sadio is simply the reflection of his family.

However, as a father, I needed to know more about him, including his education, faith in God, and humility. And I realized that he is a decent person.
'Sadio and I chat a lot about the projects, but we also talk about life in general, and he has taught me a lot despite his young age. He is quite knowledgeable about life, and I have learned a lot from him. So, I didn't hesitate to accept his proposal to marry Aisha.'
Mr Tamba stated that he had formed a close relationship with Mane over the years.

He went on to say, "Our relationship is built on strong trust." It's not about his celebrity or fortune. The first thing I admire about him is his excellent education.
'And now that I've given him my kid, I want him to take good care of her and, more importantly, to live according to Muslim precepts, since he is a good Muslim. 
'I want him to help her grow; even though she is doing her best, this is really important to me.'

The happy father characterized his daughter as a 'pious' Muslim with a solid understanding of the Quran.
When asked what advice he had for the footballer after his marriage, he replied, "I would like to tell him that marriage is not easy." I would encourage him to treat her as his own daughter or sister. To support her. He's already doing it, but I'd like him to provide further support. 
Let them live according to their religion. Allow them to be unconcerned about little aspects of life.



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