Ice Spice Sued Over 'In Ha Mood' Hit


Rapper Ice Spice has been sued by another rapper and his producer for allegedly stealing off their work with her hit song "In Ha Mood".

D.Chamberz is suing Ice Spice for copyright infringement, alleging that he wrote, produced, and published a song titled "In That Mood" a year before her popular track.

D.Chamberz stated that he posted his music on all major digital platforms in January 2022, and he believes Ice Spice's producer heard it on the radio long before her song was released.

He claimed that Ice Spice's song plagiarized his track's beat, lyrics, hook, rhythmic structure, metrical placement, and narrative context.

D.Chamberz reported that "In That Mood" first surfaced on Ice Spice's radar after he performed it dozens of times in NYC at places near where Ice and her producer, Riot, live. 

He also stated that his song received airplay on Hot 97 FM in New York City, and he believes Riot was listening. He added that he had social media receipts to back up his claim.

Ice Spice's song is certified gold, and the music video has had over 45 million views on YouTube.  D.Chamberz is seeking at least half of the song's publishing and other royalties, as well as damages.


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