Popular Skit Maker Sydney Talker Revealed As Gay?

Sydney Talker, a popular Nigerian skit maker, celebrated his birthday just last week. 

Despite being born on January 26th, his artist Khaid surprised him with a new Lexus 4-Wheel Drive. 

In a new video posted by a well-known Nigerian blog news outlet, it appears that the world-famous sketch creator is gay. 

Although we're not sure if it's a joke or the reality, this happened at his birthday party when his fellow skit creator Carter Efe disclosed that, despite knowing Sydney Talker for 12 years and never seeing him with a lady, Sydney preferred dark-skinned lads. 

We continue to ask ourselves this question. Is Sydney Talker actually gay? 

Watch the video below.


Sydney Talker's career began in 2016. He began by making and uploading comedy routines to his social media accounts, particularly Instagram. His comic routine 'The Poor Power Supply' propelled him to prominence in 2016. He was shortlisted for SME100 Africa's 2020 25 Under 25 Awards. Sydney has also been in other Nollywood films alongside famous Nollywood stars and actresses. He was dubbed the Nigerian Mr Bean and also known as The Towel Guy.

In a January 2022 Instagram post, Sydney Talker announced the start of his record company, 'Neville Records'. He also unveiled his first signing, Khaid, on the same day.


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