Listen: Timeless Music Collaboration: Wesrok and Busy Signal - Don't Get Me Wrong

Jamaican musician Wesrok’s latest track, “Don’t Get Me Wrong,” is making waves in the music world. The innovative blend of reggae and country that Wesrok developed has made him widely recognized. 360 Global Entertainment’s new single, featuring the iconic Busy Signal, will surely be a hit. Wesrok is gearing up for a bang in 2024 after a successful 2023, and January 19, 2024, marks the single debut date.


The pioneering musician Wesrok came into this world as Percival Buddan in Jamaica’s tranquil Bog Walk district, which is located in St. Catherine. He was a trailblazer in the fusion music that is today called “Countreggae.” This new sound brilliantly blends the storytelling prowess of country music with the captivating beats of reggae. His artistic journey is marked by authenticity and resilience, informed by his life experiences, love of music, and commitment to being himself.


Among Wesrok’s earliest musical influences were both classic and contemporary country music musicians, such as Marty Robbins, Kenny Rogers, Jason Aldean, and Tim McGraw. These influences, together with his Jamaican heritage, inspired him to create a distinctive musical style that reaches listeners worldwide. People from all walks of life and cultures can enjoy his music because of its appealing character.


With the publication of his EP ‘Look At Me Now’ in 2021, Wesrok reached a turning point in his career. This seven-song EP showcases his exceptional narrative abilities and ability to merge genres. His creative abilities are on full display on the EP, which features powerful songs like “Poor Country Boy” and “Born As A Winner” that appeal to a diverse audience.


In order to become a major player in the Country Reggae scene, Wesrok has taken a bold approach. Because it is both fun and has profound subjects, his music touches people’s hearts worldwide. New music from Wesrok, “Don’t Get Me Wrong,” is a perfect start to his year and a strong statement about the need for love and peace in the world. Go to to learn more about the artist.

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