KalyJay Draws Attention For AMBtrends Clothing Merchandise

AMBtrends, Ghanaian-international fashion brand noted for its unique fashion sense, has gone viral. 

The AMBtrends apparel business, recognized for its outstanding and clever marketing methods, released a photograph announcing their new product in a tweet on the global social media site X (formerly Twitter). 

In the tweet, their male half-caste model was seen wearing their recently announced long-sleeved shirt branded with the AMBtrends colors, paired with their cap for a flawless fashion style. 

KalyJay, well-known Ghanaian influencer, responded to the branded tweet, indicating that he has noticed the good job being done by AMBtrends, which has drawn additional attention to the company and created a significant buzz on social media.

See the tweet below.

On the other hand, the AMBtrends will officially launch the AMBtrends Magazine which promises to become one of the leading publications in the world 

About AMB

AMB is an abbreviation for AMellionBoiz, a high school clique of three boys (Amelli, Kojo Williams, and Chance) on November 23, 2015.

They committed to work together to develop something bigger than ourselves while attending Chemu Senior High School in Tema in 2016.

They grew to seven strong members (Alo Benito, Syfa, Geomet, and Taaget) and began completing projects. Projects they completed included identifying problems in the school and devising solutions to those problems.

About AMBtrends 

AMBtrends is a global organization whose mission is to inspire, motivate, and entertain people to appreciate the world around them.

Growing up as a male youth, they discovered that most of their peers do not view things from his perspective and are misinterpreting simple instructions, despite the fact that the guidelines for these things they are misinterpreting have been properly provided. Most of his buddies were falling into poor habits, such as not turning up excited, uninterested, or not showing up at all.

Others who stopped coming around, joined other pals, and began BAD HABITS such as smoking and running shady errands for quick money, to name a few.

These behaviors will never lead them to the better future that they all require, as history has shown that most young who exhibit such habits end up becoming the troublemakers in the community; he recognized this and wanted to find a solution as the problem among the youth is rapidly rising.

They formed a brilliant alliance of three and created AMBtrends; a platform that can educate, inspire, and motivate the youth while also keeping them entertained - because the kids are primarily drawn to entertainment.

They incorporated the entertainment to entice them from one side while also showing them that there is more to life than their early habits. They do this subconsciously and wait for the results, which came as soon as magic in the first trial.

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