King Promise And DJ Lord OTB Bring Ghanaian Vibes To Gambia In Epic Independence Day Celebration


On February 17, 2024, the vibrant sounds of Ghana boomed through the streets of Gambia as

award-winning singer and songwriter King Promise and Ghana's Best DJ, DJ Lord OTB, headlined

an exciting Independence Day celebration. CFG Management and African Boss Entertainment

organized the concert, which turned out to be a music-filled spectacle that made an

unforgettable impression on Gambian music fans' hearts.

Gambia's Independence Day celebrations reached new heights as King Promise and DJ Lord OTB

teamed up to produce a night of musical delight. The concert, which gathered admirers from all

around Gambia, became a celebration of both national pride and a common love of Ghanaian

music. As King Promise stepped onto the stage, the warm welcome from patrons was palpable.

Gambia's music enthusiasts sang along passionately, word for word, to every song performed by

King Promise, showcasing the universal appeal of his music. Even songs containing Ghanaian

dialects were embraced with enthusiasm.

CFG Management and African Boss Entertainment succeeded in curating an event that not only

celebrated Gambia's Independence Day but also bridged cultural gaps through the universal

language of music. The success of the concert solidifies the growing international appeal of

Ghanaian artists.

Below are some excerpts from the event.

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