Kodak Black Released From Jail After Drug Charge Dismissal


The American rapper Kodak Black was released from jail on Wednesday (February 21), according to The Associated Press.

U.S. District Judge Jose E. Martinez granted Kodak Black — actual name Bill Kapri — time served for a probation violation.
The "Super Gremlin" artist's narcotics possession charge was dropped earlier this month, which aided his case. In December, Florida authorities detained Kodak after discovering him asleep at the wheel of a vehicle.

Officials reportedly discovered a white material around his mouth that they suspected was cocaine, but it turned out to be oxycodone, which Yak's attorney, Bradford Cohen, later confirmed his client had a prescription for since July 2022.

The arrest resulted in a probation violation for a matter unconnected to the December traffic stop, which landed Kodak Black in jail for the past two months. The musician is still facing charges in a second drug trafficking case dating back to 2022.

Local 10 News was there when Yak was released from Broward County jail on Wednesday and stated that the rapper made repeated threats against reporters from the publication, with footage appearing to show Black flinging pebbles at a photojournalist. According to the source, one of the rocks struck one of its photographers in the ribcage but did not damage him; he reportedly filed a report with Fort Lauderdale police.

Billboard has contacted both the Florida Police Department and Black's attorney.

Kodak Black has remained in legal difficulties since President Donald Trump commuted the rapper's three-year federal sentence for falsifying paperwork when purchasing a handgun in 2021. Before Trump's pardon, he had served roughly half of his sentence.

Kodak Black appeared on the soundtrack to the film The Book of Clarence with the song "Jeezu". When I Was Dead, his last full-length album, was released in November.

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