More Opportunities After YOLO : Makaveli

James Kwayisi Wiafe popularly known as Makaveli has disclosed that he gained several opportunities since his role in the YOLO TV series.

In the premiere episode of Farmhouse Productions, Honestly Speaking Show, hosted by Anna Zarbo, Makaveli

shares some of the breakthroughs the YOLO TV series has brought to him and the people around him.

According to him, because of the name Makaveli and the YOLO fame there are lot of brands from the fashion

industry who are always looking for ways to collaborate with him.

"So much opportunity has been created for me, let me say from clothing to the shoes I wear, I get people

sending/sliding into my DMs, you know bro, we want to fix this kaftan for you, we want to do this because of the

name Makaveli", He said.

Watch the video below;

Makaveli also revealed he has the intention to give back to the street most especially the homeless kids.

Honestly Speaking Show delves deep into the lives and minds of fascinating individuals, peeling back the layers of

fame, success, and public persona to reveal their unfiltered truths.

Hosted by the adorable and insightful Anna Zarbo, each episode features an in-depth interview with a diverse

range of guests, from renowned celebrities and industry players to everyday heroes and hidden talents. Through

probing questions, emotional vulnerability, and unexpected humour, Honestly Speaking fosters genuine

connections and allows viewers to see their idols and inspirations in a whole new light.

The show is available on the Farmhouse Movies App and YouTube every Friday at 6 pm.

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