Tennis Star Matteo Berrettini Splits From S3x Addict Supermodel Girlfriend Melissa Satta


Matteo Berrettini, a tennis player, has split from his sex addict supermodel girlfriend Melissa Satta following a 'intense' relationship.

The 27-year-old former Wimbledon finalist began dating Satta, 38, in January 2023.

Satta previously admitted to having sex "seven to ten times a week," but Berrettini has now confirmed the couple has split up amicably.

He stated: "Melissa Satta and I are no longer together." What I can tell is that we had a wonderful, intense connection and hold high regard for each other.

'I won't go any farther; I don't enjoy sharing too much of my private life. Nothing unusual happened.

'I must thank her for the time we spent together, despite the hardships.

When Berrettini began his connection with the supermodel, he fell eight places in the ATP Ranking by January 2023. He is currently ranked 129th and must now compete in qualifying rounds to attend big events.

Satta has a history of dating sports figures. She had a five-year relationship with Christian Vieri, a former Italy and Inter Milan striker, but their relationship ended due to her alleged adultery.

Seven months after their breakup, she became engaged to Gianluca Vacchi, a 43-year-old Italian businessman.

However, when she was spotted outside a hotel with basketball legend Kobe Bryant in 2011, Byrant's wife Vanessa supposedly filed for divorce, which they later reconciled.

Satta also went out with former Aston Villa striker John Carew before dating Kevin-Prince Boateng.

The model made waves in 2012 when she stated: "The reason he [Boateng] is always injured is because we have sex seven to ten times a week."

'I despise foreplay and prefer to dive right in. I love to be on top so that I can maintain control.'

They married in June 2016 and now have a nine-year-old son named Maddox Prince. Following their separation in 2019, they divorced in December 2020.

'I didn't expect it, it wasn't my choice, I tried my hardest, but it didn't go as planned,' she said of the separation at the time.

Satta slammed trolls last year after Berrettini sustained an injury.

'It was something that had been going on for months before our story became public in January,' she told Vanity Fair of the harassment she had received.

'[They claim] 'Berrettini doesn't win because Satta is distracting him and overly demanding'... But I held back.

Satti, who was once a model for Sports Illustrated, added: "[This has happened before] with my ex-husband [Boateng], who suffered from pubalgia."

'Even there, they criticized me, claiming that we had too much sex, which was the source of his bodily difficulties.

'[Berrettini's injury] is the same as in 2021, when I didn't know him. But, in any event, do I really need to answer to these people?

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