West Africa Drug Policy Network Launches Webinar Series To Promote Human Rights & Inclusion Of Vulnerable Communities

In response, the West Africa Drug Policy Network has initiated a series of regional online webinars. These sessions bring together civil society advocates, policymakers, and stakeholders from Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Nigeria to:


• identify, examine, and compile special provisions of regional and international conventions and treaties, including national constitutions, which promote and mandate member states to protect and observe the recognition, inclusion and non-discrimination of all minority and vulnerable groups, including PWUD, SW and LGBTQI as fundamental human rights issues.
• collaborate with PWUD, SW and LGBTQI-led organisations and communities as well as ongoing projects/activities to collect data and input (experience with discriminatory laws, practices and people, and special needs) from hard-to-reach PWUD, SW and LGBTQI individuals who cannot afford the devise and technology to participate in online meetings.
• present a joint community (PWUD, SW, and LGBTI) recommendations/communique to ECOWASauthorities.

 By hosting these webinars, the West Africa Drug Policy Network aims to spark dialogue and action towards a more inclusive and human rights-based approach for vulnerable communities across the region. Also, ensuring ECOWAS receive recommendations, including input from affected communities, and their experiences with discriminatory laws and practices.


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