Amerado Narrates How Drogba Of Yolo Snatched His Girlfriend From Him


Among all the numerous hairstyles, fast-rising Ghanaian rapper, Amerado chose dreadlocks and what triggered that hairstyle might shock you.

Amerado has disclosed that he chose to have dreadlocks because he was given a broken heart.

Narrating the story, Amerado stated that he was living happily with his girlfriend some years back when the lady suddenly called for a breakup.

The rapper claims during that period he had started doing music and was not as famous as he is at the moment, so, he lost his girlfriend to Bra Charles, better known as Drogba of the Yolo series.

Amerado revealed that the breakup badly affected him so much that he was unable to eat and drink well for a month.

“3 years or 4 years ago I had a broken heart. The lady is from Accra. I was not able to take water for a month. It was not easy at all. It was a very bad experience. You would not feel that way if your relative even dies”, Amerado said.

“It is very painful for someone to show you love now, and change towards you the next moment. If you ask them what triggered their change, they will not give you any tangible reason. I don’t know if I did something wrong, but at that time I had started doing music and he was the lady I was trying to build a future with”, the rapper added.

“As we were moving, she met a different person who is an actor. The person was starred in one of the known series known as Yolo. One of the guys, I do not know the day he was born, but his name is Bra Charles, Drogba”, Amerado told Captain Smart during an interview on Onua TV.

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