Death Row Records Founder Suge Knight Warned P.Diddy That His Life Was Danger

Death Row Records founder Suge Knight warned Sean Diddy Combs that his life is in danger because of the secrets he know and the ‘little secret room they participated in.’

Suge stated. “I’ll tell you what, Puffy, your life is in danger ’cause you know the secrets, who’s involved in that little secret room you guys are participating in. They gonna get you if they can.” Suge went on to apparently alluded to Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine getting into the alcohol business shortly after Diddy was removed from it being questionable. Suge who is currently serving a 28 year prison sentence told Diddy ‘sometimes you gotta face the music’ and ‘you gotta make a decision when you go to prison either you gonna be standing up pissing or squatting down, sitting down pissing, I advise you to try to take the first one. In closing Suge warned Diddy that ‘Do not do your time going by Brother Love, Brother Love is not a good code name for prison.’ When Homeland Security raided Puffy’s properties it is reported the first thing they did was turn off his surveillance and recover all of his footage. It is also reported that the Homeland Security was searching for and confiscated electronic devices in addition to reporting a camera in every room of the mansion. These facts in addition to Lil Rod’s recent sex traffic lawsuit against Diddy stated that Diddy kept cameras in every room of his house to blackmail participants of his parties.

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