I Will Create A Sea For Kumasi People If They Vote For Me : Cheddar

The 2024 election comes soon, and as usual, politicians are trying their best to canvass for votes.

While some politicians are doing provocative campaigns, others, via interviews and rallies are making their motives known to the people of Ghana, so that if possible, they could be given the nod.

Ghanaian politician who doubles as a business mogul, Cheddar, also known as “The man behind the mask” has divulged his plans for the people of Kumasi, when given the nod.

Speaking on EIB Network’s Kumasi-based Abusua FM, Cheddar has disclosed that he would ensure that Kumasi gets a sea when he is allowed to become the president of Ghana.

According to him, “I have traveled far and wide. I have seen many countries do that. Even Dubai which was a typical desert now has the sea. That is the kind of vision I have for the Ashanti Region. When we dredge the sea to the region, ships can dock in Kumasi”.

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