IGP Dampare Is Using IMANI To Prevent Nana Addo From Sacking Him

A senior retired police officer has disclosed that the IGP is hiding at the back of Imani Africa and Security Expert, Prof Kwesi Aning to stop President Nana Addo from sacking him from office.

His comment comes after policy think tank Imani and Prof Kwesi Aning filed a lawsuit at the court seeking to prevent the President from sacking the head of any of the security services.

According to their suit, the only reason these heads can be sacked is when they have proven stated grounds of incompetence or incapacitating ill health.

But the retired police officer who pleaded to be anonymous claimed that IGP Dampare is the one behind this suit.

He said Imani and the security expert are doing the bidding of Dampare despite issues concerning his leadership.

“So Imani Ghana and my respected Prof Kwesi Aning have allowed themselves to be used by the IGP because of money and slots of recruitment given to them to influence them in this regard.

Now Imani, who was part of civil society groups that went to the speaker of Ghana Parliament during the leaked tape Saga to speak for the IGP and the respected Prof will hear from some of us very soon. This lawsuit is a shame and dead on arrival.

This is a game plan by the IGP to perpetuate himself in office even when a whole lot of question marks surround his leadership in the police service. Outside gentility, home cry.

I am shocked about Professor Aning, whom I have personally did a lot of advocacy with for Dr Dampare before he was appointed IGP who now knows how police officers are not happy about the leadership of the current IGP in the police service yet ignoring all the happenings and dancing to his tone. Time will tell,” he added

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