John Kumah Was Poisoned Through Akonfem : How Some NPP Bigwigs Ended The Ejisu MP’s Life Exposed

According to Oheneba who is Chairman Wontumi’s right-hand man, John Kumah was poisoned through grilled Guinea Fowl.

As detailed by Oheneba, Chairman Wontumi and John Kumah were given grilled guinea fowls to eat during a campaign rally in Tamale.

After consuming the heaps of meat, they all mysteriously fell ill with Chairman Wontumi vomiting throughout the night.

Dr.  Bawumia’s personal doctor was quickly called to give them first aid to keep them alive.

However, after the first aid, John Kumah felt he was okay hence refused to seek further health treatment, unlike Chairman Wontumi who was doing regular check-ups.

And this is what contributed to his death yesterday because the poison had been in his system since last November.

As suspected, some NPP bigwigs were behind plotting the poisoned akonfem meal.

Even before his tragic passing, Captain Smart has also said the same thing.

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