John Kumah Was Po!soined : Captain Smart Reveals


A throwback video of controversial television and radio presenter at Onua TV, Captain Smart predicting the death of the Deputy Finance Minister of Ghana, John Kumah has surfaced online a few minutes after his sudden death.

In the video flying across social media platforms, Captain Smart sent a message to close associates of John Kumah to inform him that he was poisoned.

“Anyone who knows John Kumah should pick a phone to tell him that Captain Smart says he has been poisoned in Kumasi”, Captain Smart said.

According to Captain Smart, some bigwigs in the New Patriotic Party felt John Kumah was becoming more successful and getting to a point where no one would be able to compete with him so they plotted to have a meeting with him and via that, poison him.

“John Kumah had a meeting with some bigwigs. The plan was that John Kumah would become more successful so the people thought that he was getting to a level that they could not compete with him”, he added.

Captain Smart noted that John Kumah was able to find out that he was intentionally poisoned so he went to India to work on it, however, it did not work.

Captain Smart revealed that John Kumah has suffered a lot in his quest to get rid of the poison.

“Pick your phone and ask Chairman Wontumi if he did not eat the food. So when they got to know that those following John Kumah came to know that Chairman Wontumi was reacting to the news, they felt John Kumah was okay”, he said.

Adding “So, John Kumah was intentionally poisoned and he is aware. I can tell you the date and time he went to India to heal himself, see, he has suffered a lot”.

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