Man Arrested for M@sturbating To Kristen Stewart's Lesbian Movie

The police in Southgate, Michigan, have arrested a moviegoer for allegedly exposing himself while watching Kristen Stewart's movie, "Love Lies Bleeding".

The 33-year-old man got arrested on Thursday, March 14, after the police got a call that he had fallen asleep in the theatre with the obvious problem being that his penis was out and exposed, which was photographed.

A social media user uploaded a photo that appeared to show the man in question passed out in his seat at the theatre, and it looked like it was taken after the credits rolled and lights came on. The eyewitness claimed the man masturbated and then fell asleep.

The police also noted that the man they arrested was allegedly intoxicated and refused to leave. Southgate PD also claimed they found illegal substances on him. In the end, he was booked for possession of narcotics, indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The movie follows a lesbian love story between Kristen and Katy O'Brian's character; with a noir crime plot in between. There are a lot of strong sex scenes in the first 45 minutes of the movie.


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