Mohbad’s Dad Buried Him Before He Died : Mother Claims


The mother of late Nigerian musician Mohbad has made a shocking allegation against her ex-husband.

It has been months since the unfortunate death of the musician who died under a mysterious condition.

Since Mohbad’s demise, his father has always been In the news ar granting various interviews where he accused his son’s girlfriend and others of having a hand in his death.

Now the mother of the musician identified as Abosede has also granted an exclusive interview and shed some light on the musician and her former husband.

According to Mohbad’s mum, she was in the house of Mohbad 10 days before he died and when she got to hear the news about his sudden death, he called Mohbad’s father (ex-husband) and her other children to inform them.

She went on to say that, she is of the firm belief that Mohbad wasn’t dead at the time he was buried.

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