Prophet Badu Kobi Exposes NPP Bigwig Behind John Kumah's Death | WATCH

Ghanaian man of God, Prophet Badu Kobi has waded into the “What or who killed John Kumah?” discussion.

Speaking before his congregants, Prophet Badu Kobi said that people should stop pointing hands at Napo because he knows nothing about the death of his brother and colleague, John Kumah.

Prophet Badu Kobi claims even though either John Kumah or Napo was to be selected to be Dr. Bawumia’s vice, making him his competitor, he knows nothing about the death of John Kumah.

Prophet Kobi revealed that he knew the one who killed John Kumah, adding that it would surprise Ghanaians if they got to know who the person was.

Describing the person behind John Kumah’s death, Prophet Badu Kobi revealed that he was a man who was into politics.

According to Badu Kobi, the NPP bigwig killed John Kumah because he saw the latter’s political trajectory as a threat to him.

He stated that he wishes to mention the name of the person who killed John Kumah however, he is afraid IGP might take him on.

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