Rita Dominic Details Reason For Marrying At Age 46


Celebrated Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic has not too long ago revealed why she waited for long before getting married.

In a recent interview with Lexis Bill on Joy FM, the renowned actress shared insights into her journey towards marriage, emphasizing the importance of being certain about her reasons for taking such a significant step later in life

According to her, she wanted to ensure she was entering into marriage for the right reasons, rather than succumbing to societal pressure or conforming to conventional timelines. She explained that she was under pressure for years to get married but she turned deaf ears to it until it was convenient for her.

“Why did I wait so long before getting married? I wanted to be sure that I was marrying for the right reasons and not for the reasons that stem from societal pressure.

“Before I got married, the pressure was there for years but I just turned deaf ears. Because like I always say, ‘At the end of the day I will marry the man of my dreams and not the man that anybody dreams for me,” she said.

She further added that “if anything goes wrong tomorrow, I would be the one left to pack up the pieces and not the society. So, I will do it when I want to do it at the right time.’ And I believe I did it at the right time with the right person.”

Asked whether it took so long because she couldn’t find her ideal man on time, the screen diva said.

“I met quite a number of people but maybe we just didn’t happen. It just didn’t work out. And I don’t believe in forcing things. If it’s not working, if we are not compatible, there’s no point forcing things then you grow into it and tomorrow you’re out of it.”

Rita Dominic went on to clarify that being a celebrity wasn’t the reason for her delayed marriage.

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